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We would like to invite you to consider joining our Association. If you are a manager with PPQ, you are eligible to apply for membership.

NAPPQM Membership Application
SF1187, Payroll Deduction

NAPPQM is a dues paying organization. The dues are $10 per pay period or $260 per year (tax deductible as dues for a professional organization) and can be paid by check or by payroll deduction. If you want to join, please complete the NAPPQM application (and the 1187 if you wish payroll deduction) and submit your paperwork to a NAPPQM Executive Committee member.

If you choose payroll deduction, you can attach your application and the 1187 to our contact form to apply. If you choose to pay dues by check, please contact your regional Vice-President for further instructions on mailing in your package. Do not use government postage to mail your application.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the NAPPQM Executive Committee. With NAPPQM, you will have an opportunity to make a difference, to meet some of the finest managers in APHIS, and to make your voice heard. We are hoping you will join!

New Option Now Available for Retiree Membership

At the 2008 NAPPQM Convention members recognized the Association would benefit if we could encourage retirees to stay connected to NAPPQM throughout their retirement. We value their past contributions and want those to continue after retirement. Therefore, the Association wanted to provide an option to keep our retirees actively involved in NAPPQM. The Membership Committee recommended this change to the Executive Committee who voted for the change and it passed by vote of the Membership at the 2009 Annual Convention. Thus, the bylaws have been updated (which see under the "Mission and Bylaws" link, Article VI - Membership).

Now effective, retirees now have two membership options. Former members who have retired can now choose from two tiers of membership:

  • full membership at the current rate ($260 for 2010) with all benefits listed for members
  • retiree membership at 10% of the full membership rate ($26 for 2010) with many of the same benefits as full members, but not including reimbursements or voting at the convention.

Here are some additional details on the retiree tier: Members with Retiree Membership have access to the website, alerts, NAPPQM email, continued contact and fellowship with other retirees and former coworkers. Retiree members are encouraged to provide their Vice President with newsletter articles or other information to share with members. These, as all members are welcome and encouraged to attend the convention and enjoy the welcome reception, and beverages and snacks provided at the breaks. Retirees are welcome to the business session and are encouraged to participate in discussions; however they would not make or second motions or vote on issues or in elections. Also, this new tier of membership is not be eligible for reimbursement of travel expenses, and if attending the banquet, that would have to be paid out of pocket for the banquet cost.

Retirees wishing to take advantage of NAPPQM membership should contact the HQ/IS/Retired NAPPQM Vice President to process their membership.