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There are many advantages and opportunities for NAPPQM members. You will have an opportunity to make a difference, to meet and network with some of the finest managers in APHIS, and to make your voice heard.

NAPPQM hosts an annual 2 day convention for its entire membership. The convention is held in various locations throughout the United States. Generally there is one day of presentations by representatives from the Deputy Administrator’s office, the PPQ Executive Team, and several other members of the APHIS family. Depending on the issues facing our managers, we offer a training component at each convention either from an internal APHIS source or from an outside contractor. The annual business meeting is also held during the convention. At this meeting, we assess our accomplishments, discuss issues affecting our members, and discuss strategy for the next year.

The NAPPQM website ( is our electronic communication and information tool. As a member, you would have full access to the site which allows:

  • A messaging and discussion system to send and receive important updates, communicate, and partake in online discussions with other members. This system also allows all members to provide feedback to the Executive Committee when information is directly shared via the website.
  • The latest and archived Executive Committee meeting minutes, Newsletters (containing informative articles written by members of the NAPPQM Executive Committee, NAPPQM representatives on APHIS national committees, and other various PPQ program staff), and other documents of interest.
  • A personal profile to update and maintain contact information. Member lists can also be browsed to encourage members to reach out to each other.
  • Hot News, Picture Galleries, Document Archives, Spotlights, and more...

NAPPQM encourages members to secure professional liability insurance and reimburses $50 per year towards the cost of the annual premium. This is in addition to the agency reimbursement of 50% of the annual premium.

As a member, you will receive a NAPPQM pin to wear proudly. Other giveaways are distributed during the convention and have recently included t-shirts, CD holders, and mouse pads.

As a member, you have the opportunity to run for the NAPPQM Executive Committee (President, ER Vice-president, WR Vice-President, HQ/IS Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary). Elections are held every year immediately prior to the annual convention. You also have the opportunity to sit on various NAPPQM committees to help shape the future of the association.